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2023 a kevadel valmib Reidi Kvartali uus ligi 7000 m² suurune pilkupüüdev ärihoone!
Lootsi 8, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond
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New development Market in Estonia makes serious sales records. People increasingly want to buy a new home in a new development (apartment, house, townhouse or a condo). New developments are being built in the biggest cities of Estonia, new developments can be found in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Haapsalu, Keila, Maardu. In addition, in Rae parish, Saue parish, Viimsi parish, Harku parish, Jõelähtme municipality, Kiili municipality, Raasiku municipality, Saku parish, Kose parish and West Harju parish.

You can buy a piece of land and build your house or an apartment, house, townhouse or a condo. New commercial property is being build as well. If you're looking for a new office space, learn more about new offerings at the new developments page.

The biggest housing market is in Tallinn, but there's a lot of developments in Tartu as well.

New developments in Tallinn also attract investors, buying 1-2 rooms for small apartments and lofts to rent. The growing infrastructure in Tallinn and Tartu will greatly contribute to this. If you also want to invest in real estate, smaller apartments are the right choice. Be sure to also look at the price per square meter and compare the purchase cost and rental income.

New developments in Tallinn include high-standard penthouse apartments, 1-5-room apartments, 1-room lofts, and terraced houses that are set in beautiful communities and have excellent facilities in the most sought-after areas of the coast and houses and commercial spaces. Many include great on-site facilities such as a fully equipped gym or spa, indoor heated pools, saunas, common areas for spending time, barbecue facilities, and more. Some apartments have a large terrace with sea views.

The new trend is to rent a new home without commission. Such opportunities are offered, for example, by Lumi Kodud, whose real estate advertisements can also be found on our property portal. You can choose the furniture you want and let the walls match the color you want. There is no contract fee.

Different developers offer different options for their new developments. Use keyword search to find the right one. If you would like more information on some new development, get a request to a broker who is responsible for this new development and it will be answered within a few days. Wishing you luck in searching for a new home!